Building with Hempcrete

Hempcrete is an ancient and sustainable building material that uses hemp and lime to produce a carbon-negative (carbon consuming) natural organic polymer.


  • Six construction solutions: Insulating walls – Insulating linings – Hygrothermal renders – Insulating screeds – Insulating roofs – Insulating unused roof space

  • For new buildings and renovations

  • Suitable for all kinds of architecture

  • Suitable for all load-bearing structures: timber, metal, concrete framing, etc.

  • Suitable for most substrates including stone, brick, fibre cement, concrete etc.

  • Very low environmental impact: 1 m² of Tradical Hempcrete wall stores 100 kg of CO2
  • Very high durability: hard-wearing nature of limestone. Rodent and termite resistant

  • Completely fire resistant

  • Designed for thermal regulation within new buildings and renovations

  • Dynamic performance ratings: 95% absorption of temperature variations – 85% absorption of relative humidity variations – Relative indoor humidity remains constant at 50 to 55%

  • Good acoustic performance (Rw – C – Ctr values)

Preparation is done by mixing hemp shivs (the inner woody core of hemp plant), water, and lime as the binding agent.  It has low density yet excellent thermal mass, plus thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

The natural alkaline properties of lime give hempcrete it’s mold, fungus, mildew, bacteria, termite and virus resistance.

These properties make hempcrete a great material to use in traditional constructions, renovations, commercial installations and our latest addition, transportable/relocatable studios and granny flats that are built to relocate almost anywhere.