Hempcrete Construction

Hempcrete or hemp concrete being a carbon-negative (carbon consuming) material is a great solution for homeowners to use in construction works. Hempcrete is prepared by mixing hemp shives (the inner woody core of hemp plant), water, and lime as the binding agent. Hempcrete has low density and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties.

Plant based

We are committed to finding local hemp materials that meet high quality standards.

Hemp made easy

We can help you use hemp based insulation materials on your next project.

Save money

Hempcrete reduces monthly energy costs and does not incur the maintenance costs of other materials.  


Eco Friendly + Fire Proof

Hempcrete has the maximum fire rating for a building material, meaning it can meet or exceed all building code fire rating specifications. 


Healthy Homes

Hempcrete is not susceptible to pests or mold, it does not off-gas harmful VOCs, and it provides significant sound absorption and satisfying acoustics.


Energy Performance

hempcrete has a high thermal mass to store heat and its monolithic form eliminates thermal bridging.

No Project Too Big Or Too Small

What makes Resolute Construction Solutions so special is our team’s versatility when it comes to projects. Regardless of size, each is treated with the same attention to detail, coordination, and planning.

We consistently review our performance and strategy to ensure we provide clients with the best hemp service in the business. We believe that providing quality services and products is fundamental to delivering the best product for our clients.

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Hempcrete is diffusive, meaning it has the natural and dynamic ability to control interior humidity levels, absorbing moisture when humidity levels rise and releasing it again when levels fall. This eliminates the accumulation of moisture on internal surfaces and reduces toxic mould growth.

Client Testimonials

Finding Resolute Constructions was the best thing that’s happened to me, they built me a quality home using Tradical  -a french company that has been supplying the right lime mix for many years. The air quality, the temperature, the acoustics and the look of the finish is a dream come, my son said to me ” Mum all houses should be built this way”, he’s 14, and he’s completely right. Hemp should be a much more widely used building product but its maturation was stunted by war and nylon companies. By now we could have all been living in environmentally homes that last 100 years and absorb our carbon, but history has cheated the plant and now finally we are back on track. I’m so happy with the end result, and hope to live in the simple easy to clean design into my old age.
Tania Springbrook

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