About Us

Resolute Construction Solutions Pty Ltd is dedicated to making affordable, sustainable, healthy homes.

What We Do

New Hemp Buildings

Manual installation and by mechanical projection.

Building Retrofit

Hempcrete can be mechanically projected onto exsisting walls and frames.

Solid Lime Rendering

Projection redendering using natural lime and sand blends for maximum durability and a beautiful look and feel.

Our Story

Resolute Construction Solutions is a hempcrete construction company founded 2018 in South East Queensland by Jesse Payne and Thomas and Michelle Cunliffe.  We are hempcrete specialists and the exclusive agents in this area supplying both OzHemp hurd and Tradical lime binders and renders.

Hempcrete installation services include; manual or mechanical projection onto new homes or retrofitting existing properties with hempcrete, insulating walls, garages and ceilings with hemp fibre insulation, and constructing hempcrete walls on new houses.  

Since 2018 we have supplied over 4,500m3 of hempcrete.

In 2020 we affiliated with the Global Hemp Movement who supply hemp food and cosmetic products.

Only the Best


Eco Friendly Buildings

Hemp is the only building material that can remove carbon from the air. Other methods of insulation such as fiberglass have a significant carbon footprint.


Naturally living

Hempcrete stores heat in the thermal mass of its wall which is then released slowly as the building cools down. This means when you open a window all your heat isn’t going to flow straight out.

Industrial hemp is a safe substance with many practical commercial applications.

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We service all of Queensland and Northern NSW

1300 569 050 or 04100 25391

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