Very versatile, it is highly appreciated by professionals for both new construction and renovations, whether they are single-family, collective or tertiary projects we’ve got you covered.

Although the use of Hempcrete for the Australian building market is still a relatively young, decades of experience have been gained with this material abroad. In England, France and Belgium, for example, the product has been used for a longer period and on a relatively large scale.

The dry and finished hempcrete is light-weight, strong, breathable, insulating and functions as a particularly efficient moisture regulator. The temperature and the moisture content in the building remain constant, while the outdoor climate changes during the day. In addition, it is an excellent sound insulation. For these reasons, hempcrete is used in facades, roofs, attics, walls, floors and basements, in new construction as well as renovation and restoration projects.

It is ideal for renovation and restoration of existing buildings, because it is processed directly, against or in existing structures. This also applies to cellars and stone walls. The product is used without the use of foils and vapor barriers.